Super Clue! Episode #1. The Case of the Missing Animatronics.

Lately, Glenn loves playing ‘Super Clue’, he is a superhero that solves all kinds of cases. Glenn started it when he found one of Justin’s old exercise cords, he ran to put on his Buzz Lightyear mask, and that was his costume. Tune in for episode #1: The Case of the Missing Animatronics.

Back to School Fall 2014

Over the summer, Glenn couldn’t wait to go back to school. He was so sad that school was over, in fact, that we enrolled him in one week of summer camp. When September came around, he couldn’t wait to see all his friends again.

His offical ‘back to school’ picture. He has grown so much!

Glenn with is teacher, Ms Janine. He loves her!

His outside hook with his name on it.

Glenn off playing with another boy in the school yard.

On the first day, when he came back, he took off his shoes and sock and said ‘Want to smell my feet!’, They were black as dirt! haha

Too funny. He had a great day.

Then he took out his backpack and showed me his school drawings, he had practiced writing his name…

and there was one more thing, he said.

It’s for you mom, a picture of you and a heart, because I love you, and I thought of you when I was at school.

My heart.

Dinosaur Tracks

In August, we went on a hike with a friend of Karyn’s, who knew where to find real dinosaur fossil tracks in the limestone! What an adventure! We packed our backpacks and put our hiking shoes on, and went to meet Karyn and her friends at the meeting point north of here, outside the city. We couldn’t find the entry way at first, because it was off the beaten path! The start of the trail was under the highway, so we had to drive through the mud and rubble to find a parking spot that was close by. Then we followed Karyn’s friend to the trail.

The first thing we had to do was cross the river. I did not wear my sneakers, but only had my crocs on, which was a big mistake. When I stepped on a rock on the water, I slipped and fell! Not a good start to the trip, but the rest of the walk was wonderful. Here some photos:

It was such a long trek for the kids, but Glenn did great! Must be all the time spent in outside school.


It was blazing hot, but luckily the trail was next to a small creek, so there was plenty of water to cool off in. This is Ryan.

We went with a whole group of moms and kids, one brought their dog.

And finally, there we were! And the tracks were amazing!

Glenn brought his T-rex to measure the foot print.

And Glenn was proud to also have found a.. dinosaur bone! Well, a stick that looked just like one.

Trying to find some shade under a ledge.

The triplets eating an orange.

And Glenn! With his dinosaur shirt. Love this boy.

For awhile, we just let the kids explore.

Peddling in the creek.

It was quiet and peaceful.

Poor Jacob has stumped his toe, and wanted to go back. Many kids fell on the way over there, there were quite a few booboos to be kissed.

Me taking of picture of Karyn, taking a picture.

Time to head back.

What a great adventure!

Bell Pepper Pizza

My 4- year old eyes the long line at the pizzeria and says: “Why don’t you sit down Mom, your back hurts, I’ll take care of the order. Just give me your credit card.” So I give him my card, sit down, and watch him stand in line. Excited he keeps looking back at me, and giving me the thumbs up. When it is his turn, he shyly orders a medium pizza, and stumbles on ‘half pineapple, half bell peppers’, because he forgets that it is called ‘Hawaiian and supreme’. He gets rung up and receives a sticker for being such a great helper. He gets cheered on by all the bystanders and patted on the back. He is beaming. He couldn’t be more proud and neither can I. I love this boy. (And from now, bell pepper pizza is my favorite!)

Summer Rocks!

I am a little behind on my blogging! I am not even sure which order we did things this summer, but I need to post all the pictures. (I am actually posting this on the first cold day of Fall in October).

First of all, Glenn’s summer rocked! He spent time with friends:

We grew some strawberries!

OK, really tiny ones… and Glenn spent a lot of time riding his bike with the neighbors.

A lot of swimming and backyard water fun!

We even went on a couple of trips too. Our summer rocked! Let me see if I can catch up with the events…

Superman and Batgirl

Superman and Batgirl spotted at the local comic book store on National Batman day!

And the snowcone we had afterwards.

Kaia has these beautiful blue eyes, striking with the blue snowcone!

To the batmobile!



A Flower For Your Mom

Lizzy was over at our house last week, and we went to walk the dog together. Glenn sees a flower, rushes over to pick it, and gives it to Lizzy. “Here Lizzy”, he says, “a beautiful flower, just for you!” Lizzy graciously accepts it. Glenn helps her put it in her hair. Then a little farther along Glenn sees another flower, picks it and gives it to Lizzy. Lizzy says “Glenn, I love the flower, but you already gave me one. Why don’t you give this one to your Mom?” … MELT. Let’s fast forward 16 years and marry her already!
– July 23

Sea World 2014

In June we went to Sea World with the cousins! It was SO much fun! We started the day having breakfast with the Sesame Street characters.

Glenn was vert impressed with them, as you can see here:

This picture cracks me up, they both look like muppets!

All the characters would visit with they kids while they were eating.

Surprise! Elmo sneaknig up on Kate.

Once in the park, we had to measure all the kids, to see which rides they could go on. Kate could go on almost all of them!

Glenn could go on the ‘Rio Loco’.

Ryan could go on the Journey to Atlantis, and Hailey…

… she could do the splash pad!

They had some animals, like at the zoo.

And lots of fair rides.

We figured we would do the rides first, before the lines got too long.

The Shamu Express! A kiddie roller coaster.

There was also a large playground.

And the characters again!

And the Shamu show with killer whales. When they rose out of the water, Glenn whispered under his breath… ‘Wow…’

Then they took the kids on the Journey to Atlantis… a HUGE roller coaster. I couldn’t believe the kids qualified for this ride! I swallowed my Mom fear, and let them go… they stood in line for  a loong time for this one. When I saw their cart go up to the top, my heart was in my throat! My baby is on there!

Better not watch… Kara asked the Dads not the put the kids in the first row, because it might be too scary…

And who was in the first row? That’s right! haha. The close up of this was hilarious. Luckily, Glenn wasn’t too scared/ scarred, he wanted to go again! But alas.. the lines were too long.

Then we all had lunch.

Saw some more shows and animals…

Shaaark! That is the one thing Glenn wanted to see.

And ended the day at the waterpark.

Having a break at the water park.

It was a fun day!

4th of July 2014

We went to the 4th of July parade with Lizzy this year! Here are the photos:

Glenn and Lizzy on their decorated bikes!

Ben and Brittany and baby James

Glenn photobombing a picture of Lizzy

I’m going to eat your bow!

Silly Lizzy

Matching Tats

At night, we also did fireworks


Don’t try this at home kids! Happy 4th!


Madden is Moving

Here a couple of cute pictures taken at Madden’s birthday. Unfortunately, Madden is moving to Houston. Glenn was heartbroken (Madden was our next door neighbor). We will have to visit him there sometime.

It was a Spiderman party.


Madden turned 5.

We will miss you buddy!


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Favorite Books

Here are a few of my parenting bibles, these books are absolute must-reads!

Last Child in the Woods

Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv. Climbing trees, building forts, digging in the mud, spending afternoons flicking snails of off old shed boards, this is how I spent a lot of my time when I was little. As I was enlisting Glenn in increasingly more structured activites like Gymboree, soccer, Little Gym, library storytimes, etc... I realized that I was not giving him enough unstructured play time outside. This book helped us get back onto the right track. This is by far my favorite book of all.

Unconditional Parenting

Unconditional Parenting, by Alfie Kohn. Looking for a book on discipline, this is the only book that rang true when I read it. It talks about the one basic need children have, to be loved unconditionally, even when they 'misbehave' in our eyes. As quoted from Amazon: "Most parenting guides begin with the question "How can we get kids to do what they're told?" and then proceed to offer various techniques for controlling them. In this truly groundbreaking book, nationally respected educator Alfie Kohn begins instead by asking, "What do kids need -- and how can we meet those needs?" It draws into question some of the more accepted discipline techniques, such as time-outs, and what to do instead. I love this book!

Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting, by LisaM. Ross. Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. This book is my new favorite. This book outlines a blue print for simplifying your child's lives to reduce stress.The author claims that in today's society children are severly overscheduled and the stress that that causes is a major source for things labeled like 'the terrible two's' and other behavioral problems like a shorter attention span. This book gives tips and ideas to declutter your house, less toys, lights, sounds, TV and the like, that reduces sensory overload. Establishing rituals, for example, eating the same thing on certain days of the week, can actually help them keep track of time (and it helps with the grocery budget!). The book also stresses the importance of scheduling downtime, and limiting outings and trip to give the child freedom to play. Unstructured playtime foster creativity, connection and calm. All common sense things, but it is good to have a reminder every now and then. We limit our outings to one a day, even if this means a trip to the HEB is all we do!